I'm Steph, the owner and lead photographer of TeffyRose Family Photography. I'm born and raised in one of the most northern suburbs of Sydney, growing up surrounded by the Aussie bush.

When I was 16, I was given my first camera for my birthday. It was love at first sight! I took it to school with me to take photos of my friends, used it at home to take photos of wildlife, and would even stick it out the car window to get photos every time we went travelling. 

But, as I finished school I followed other dreams, ones I was less passionate about, but have a more conventional income. It didn't last long before I had to get out and photograph more. 

I spent a few months travelling around Europe and my passion for photography exploded again. I decided I had to make my living from this, because it brings me so much joy. At the time, I was frequently taking photos of my brother, his wife, his 2 year old son and his newborn daughter. I loved it. So, I started this business of family photography! (Check out the photo below of my entire family!)

My passion now comes from the privilege of seeing how families interact, and being able to capture those moments. It's not the posed, standing still photos that I love most, but the ones with kids running around playing, and their parents joining them. Getting these small glimpses into people's lives and capturing these moments to last for a lifetime is one of the greatest joys in my life. 

If you'd like me to capture these moments for you, please get in contact with me! 

My beautiful family!